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Please visit us at our downtown transfer center on the corner of 4th Street and 1st Avenue South.  Since its opening, the transfer center has exceeded expectations.  Here are the details:

On December 10, 2001, the Great Falls Transit District (GFTD) opened its new transfer center for business.  GFTD buses—which had previously parked on the streets—began pulling into the building’s garage.  Since opening, the transfer center has provided comfort to thousands of GFTD’s passengers.  Before the transfer center opened, these passengers had to wait for buses along two city blocks.  Now, they mingle at a central location.  Before, they had to wait outside for buses in cold and warm weather alike.  Now, they comfortably wait indoors.  Before, they had to wait on noisy, downtown streets.  Now, they wait in a quiet, attractive building—a building with ADA-accessible restrooms and with an attendant to answer their questions.  Considering all these improvements, it’s no surprise that GFTD has received a flood of positive feedback.

  Although the transfer center is new for GFTD, it is by no means new for the community; in fact, it’s not even new for buses.  The building was constructed in 1947 by the Northland Greyhound Lines of Minneapolis.  After construction, intercity buses used the building for several decades.  In 1994, however, the buses moved to a new location leaving the bus depot vacant.

  After six years of vacancy, GFTD acquired the bus depot on July 28, 2000.  With a MACI (Montana Air Quality and Congestion Initiative) grant and property-tax funds, GFTD obtained a useful building—and more.  Aside from its convenient downtown location and its practical design, the old bus depot offers the community a glance at the past.  Because of extensive refurbishing, the building now looks new—but it retains its historical features.  It provides an impressive example of the “art moderne” architectural style.  Its unique terrazzo floors and glazed-terracotta tiled walls give it value and character.  Undoubtedly, the building is a treasure for the community.

  In January of 2002, the GFTD Transfer Center began offering an additional amenity to residents—intercity bus service.  The old intercity buses have moved back to the transfer center, and they operate from the building’s east side.  Now, GFTD and Rimrock Trailways jointly occupy the building and meet the transportation needs of thousands of residents.

  In addition, GFTD has  completed over twenty six years of continuous operations.  The transit agency began service on February 8, 1982. During the following two and one half decades, GFTD provided almost 13,000,000 rides for the residents of Great Falls and Black Eagle.  GFTD looks forward to its next twenty six years of public service.