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I'm ready to ride the bus.  Now what? 
GFT offers seven (7) bus routes designed to meet your transportation needs.  However, there are a few things that you may want to know before using GFT. 

How do I get information?
The easiest way to learn how GFT works is for you to call GFT at 727-0382.  A friendly operator will answer your call.  You may also contact us by e-mail at

What will I need to know before calling?
1.    Where your trip starts.
2.    Where your trip ends.
3.    What time you want to arrive.
How do I use a Bus Schedule?
1.    Open the map to your direction of travel.  Away from downtown is outbound and towards downtown is inbound.
2.    Locate the intersection that is closest to where you want to board the bus. 
3.    Refer to the schedule for outbound & inbound buses arrival time nearest the area where you want to board.
4.    To plan your return trip, look at the map and schedule for the reverse direction of travel and follow the same steps.  Arrive at your stop a few minutes early to give yourself plenty of time. 
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How do I know where the bus stops?
The bus will stop at  any street corner along the route, if it is safe.  Buses will only stop where they are not blocking the intersection.

How do I know which bus to board?

Picture of someone signaling to board a bus
Diane Spotted Wolf notifies the driver that she wishes to board bus

Each route is identified by a number, a color code, and a destination sign is located above the windshield on each bus.  When the bus approaches, wave to the driver to notify him/her that you wish to board the bus.  Ask the driver if you are unsure if this is the correct bus.



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How do I pay my bus fare?
If you are paying cash, you must have the exact change.  The driver does not carry any money.  Insert your money into the farebox at the top of the steps by the driver as you board the bus.  
GFT also offers several types of bus passes.  For more information on bus passes, call GFT at 727-0382, or refer to fares and passes.

Can I board the bus if I am in a wheelchair?
Yes, all of GFT's buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts.  When your bus arrives at the spot, the driver will lower the lift that will enable you to board the bus.  Each bus has an area where wheelchairs can be secured to prevent movement during the trip.  The driver will assist you. 

What if I need to ride more than one bus to get where I'm going?
If you will need to change buses to complete your trip, ask the driver for a "transfer" when you board the first bus.  When you board the next bus, give the drive your transfer instead of paying an additional fare.  Transfers cannot be used for a return trip on the same route. 
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How do I let the driver know I want to get off the bus?
When you are one block from your bus stop, signal the driver by pulling the cord.  The "stop requested" sign will light up in the front of the bus when the signal is activated.  When the bus stops, exit through the nearest door. 
Wait until the bus pulls away before crossing the street so you can  see traffic in all directions.  In most locations, the stop where you will catch the bus for your return trip will be located across the street from where you were dropped off.

Is there anything else I should know about riding the bus?
1.    No food, drink, or radios are allowed on the bus.
2.    Be considerate of your driver and fellow passengers.
3.    Pets are allowed on the bus in a carrier only.
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