· Before getting off the bus, tell the driver you will be unloading your bike.

· Release the support arm from your tire, and lift your bike out of the rack.  If the rack is empty, fold up the rack to the locked position.

· Stand clear of the bus, and wave to the driver that you are finished unloading your bike so the driver may proceed.


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Text Box: Great falls
transit district
Text Box: Please note . . . 
Loading and unloading your bike is your responsibility.
The rack is made for two bicycles.  Bicycles are not allowed inside the bus.
Children under age 14 may use the rack only if an adult is available to assist in the loading and unloading of the child’s bike.
Motorized bikes are not allowed.
Bikes with child seats, carriers, or attachments are considered unsafe and are not allowed.
You are responsible for properly securing your bike to the rack.
The Great Falls Transit District is NOT responsible for damage incurred or caused by or to bicycles on Great Falls Transit bicycle racks.
If you have any questions about the racks, ask a driver.