Benefits Provided by Great Falls Transit

  1.    The Great Falls Transit District (GFTD) provides the primary mode of transportation for many residents.  These residents include people who have no vehicle, people who can’t drive, and people who choose not to drive.  

  2.    GFTD provides a secondary mode of transportation for other residents.  These residents include people who use the bus regularly and people who use the bus during selected parts of the year.  

  3.    GFTD provides transportation for passengers with disabilities who would otherwise be less mobile.  

  4.    GFTD reduces pollution and energy usage by keeping cars off the road.  

  5.    GFTD decreases congestion and noise in the streets.  

  6.    GFTD increases road safety by employing professional operators, by reducing congestion, and by offering an alternative means of transportation to residents who need mobility but shouldn’t drive.  

  7.    GFTD encourages job growth by providing inexpensive transportation to major employment areas.  

  8.    GFTD provides residents with a form of “transportation insurance”.  People can’t predict when they will become unable to drive.  When a car breaks down or other incident occurs, it’s nice to have another option.